Big Bird

Bean Town Bonanzas

wth but one step

"hey Big Bird" Mr Fixer pushed the chair out with his foot, while he lounged in his own. "drink? its genuine Irish!"
"no..thanks" she replied ".. it doesn't agree with me…makes me a bit irish"
"god forbid!" he wooshed, snatching the bottle to saftey "i heard about your issue with that young man, did you have to smash his teeth out?"
"he tried to kiss me …twice" she said petulantly "why wont guys take Frack off for an answer?"
"just push them way, don't hit them with a pool que!"
"you got a point to this?"
"no, A job, you fancy a holiday in Beantown?"
"whats in Boston?"
"a who not a what. This guy hes a computer finance wiz for the Murphies, and he's just straight walked of the reservation. he's spending money like its going out of fashion though and he's not hiding it"
"Ok so why your freinds havent just driven over their and pulped him?"
"politics, it's rival turf and given that he seems to be going crazy they cannot afford for those other guys to get word of his being there seeing as he has their entire finacial structure in his head ware. …."
she stared at fixer, with one of her special hard stares, even through in a raised eyebrow
"…ok so it could also be an ambush! enough already not like i'm makeing a move on you"
"ok its fine, so it ether a cosh and carry or a bust…or do you want him eitherway?"
"you know theres always a catch" he shrugged"look, give it a run past if its a bust keep eyes on and i'll pull a team together, other wise just hit him with a pool cue and bring him home"
"AH! soooo funny! not" she smirked at he and he smirked back "why me?"
"cos if this is a trap you leave a trail of bodies behind you and the Murphies will like that, so its kinda win win for me"
stranger in a very strange land

four days later she was climbing the stairs to the marks appartment dressed as pizza delivery, she banged on the door. She had already cased the building and the street over the two previous days, taxi bike foot and bus. she got to the door and there was a smell bad smell like garbage, the door opened and the smell so much worse that she throat puked. Stood in the door was a large orc, suit tie, he was not the guy she was after. she held out the box and just on impulse held out her compad and asked for stupid amount and he just straight out paid her rent for a week. A glance over his shoulder gave her a releaf, he was there, sat on the floor in front of a huge trideo building block game, dressed in a disney princess out fit and a firefighers hat. a young girl was speaking to him "chequetrace don't….they dont live like ….you have to learn…". The room/appartemnt was awful, take-away boxes, food and worse everywhere. she thanked the Orc amd the door closed.
She got to the end of the street before she had to stop to be sick and that gave her tail away, he wasnt ready for it (neither was she to be honest). He just stopped dead in the middle of the road. She was gone and fast, she hopped on to her stolen push bike and hammered three blocks; ditched it and jumped into a taxi, hit a mall, changed into vending machine clothes and slowed down. she mingled with the crowds bought a soycaf, bought a change of clothes on the comlink she had used at the apartement. She ditched the clothes in toilet and the comlink in a ramdom shopping bag that passed her as she left. Activated her main comlink and left the mall.Then she Taxi, bus, metro hopped for the rest of the night pretty sure she had ditched them.
"hey can i set up an account with you?"
"sure, where are your premises?"
"sorry we don't opperate in that area"
"ok 'Bye"
"ok what you got"
"well he's there, with friends, and i think he's gone mad" Big Bird outlined what she had seen.
"…a firefighters helmet?! for real? is it a break down?"
"I would have said so but the two other dudes make me think something else but thats not the good news the place is being watched"
"wait thats not the Goodnews"
"go on"
"it's not the mob, they wouldnt have given two hoots about me, they'd just be waiting for a group to go up there to give him the bad news, and they would have tidied up some. that guy was sent becuse i was out of sequence i recon they know no one ordered that pizza and sent a guy to follow me to find out who i was"
"like who?"
"I dunno but my guess is corporate might be runner but he was realy sloppy so that rules out Federal entanglements"
"ok i'll put in a call to a crew I know are in town, call you back"
"smashing, i'm off to sleep"
Big Bird sympathsed with Trolls, being a smidge off 7foot was a real pain. Coffin motels were designed by dwarfs for dwarfs. as her com-link went off she straightend stubbing her toe and banging her head.
"ok what you got?"
"and a good morning to you big bird"
"sorry hight issues, whats the crack?"
"the team is in place already they are in the hotel across the street. tim wants to talk to you before they go for it but he figures you have been made so sally their rigger is coming to get you and they'll bring you in the back"
contact with reality

twenty minutes later sally was driving her to the hotel while giving her the lo-down on the team. sally the rigger, tim the sam, micky the sam and knuckles the mage.
"… so basicaly we're ready to go. soon as you give us the last bits we'll grab him and go" sally finished and she guided the rental van round the corner and in to a side aley.
"this is it; we walk from here, you ok with your bag?"
"sure, fine"
as they hopped a fence and scaled a wall Fixer rang.
"kinda busy man"
"you get pics of those other dudes in the room?"
"may be"
"check it, call me"
when she got in to the room she checked, guy in the door and that girl all there. she sent the footage. everything happened at once, she finished her back breif, a van with the opposition arrived and Fixer called.
"what? its all kicked off here, we have competion" she said as she watched six figures jump out of the van. Two stayed with the van while the others bricked the lock on the front door and pushed through and headed up stairs
"whatever! we need the guy in the door he's payday and the girls is on a missing list so scoop her too"
"what?! really you tell me this now?!" she recognized one of the street guards as her tail, now he had a sword and machine pistol hanging from his armour.
"get this done and you're off the wannbe list and its big league time, get it done Big bird its time to adult!"
"send me details now" she messaged while she shouted at the guys "we need to grab the other two as well"
"what!? they all said pretty much in unison
"details on the way"
"ok lets go" shouted knuckles
"wait! there's eight of them"
Alex(bigbird) broke the pause "Sally can you get a drones eye on the second floor landing? soon as they start down the stairs to the first floor and the door:- brick their comms and tell the rest of us as you're doing it. The rest of us can rush these guys and put them down then take care of the others when they emerge" she paused and looked at Tim, he ran his toung over his tusk.
"lets do it" he chuckled "Sally get both vans ready and i'll call teaparty and let him know we're on our way"
as they headed for the door Fixers message flashed up "door man to be handed over in boston time to be confirmed Big bird will handle that, everyone else is freight" as the head for the lift she though if this was afilm it would be in slow montion right now, showing her at the front, leading her pack. the buzz passed and her eyes tunered agate hard and as the lift doors opend she was ploting her move across the street she would get the first kill. As they reached the doors for the hotel Sally anounced she was starting, the poor concierge watched as a frorest on guns and swords emergued from hiding places, Tim turned and tossed a fist full of script, put his finger to his lips and him tipped him a wink.
nothing remains but to fight
Alex bounded across the street, her sword in one hand and a long wicked looking fineblade in the other. Tail guy was getting ready as she rounded the corner of the van. He pulled his mono-blade sword out and fell into an easy stance betraying his competence. She swiped at him with her fineblade, he easily met it with he own and a smirk cracked on his face and he sensed he had the initative and she was wide open then he felt himself renched of balance as there was no blade there it was an holo projection, Alex snarled swung her own mono-blade a two handed upper cut that staggered him backwards, he winpered with his next lunge which was easly parried and she finished it with a repost. she span round and instincivly ducked as the final team member climbed out of the truck and sally shot him in the back from her drone.
Tim chopped his guy down with a long burst from his smartgun while Mickey vaulted over them to the doors. He reached them just as the team came out of them. The lead figure reacted fast and fired at Mickey; The pistol rounds stopped dead by the young Orcs armour. The Mickey fired back with a much bigger pistol the gell round planted the guy flat on his back, the rest of the snatch team were hearding the apartments occupants and were only just able to disentangle themselves from their charges when Knuckles second stunball flattened them all.
From there it was plain sailing they put door guy in the back of the rental van the others in to Sallys ride and off they went.
"got you a present" she messaged
"good" he replied "stay in town I've hired two baby sitters for you, just to be on the safeside"
"ok, where?"
"here's the details, they'll take you on a tour"

lose tails and cold trails

Two proffesional looking Dwarves met her at the the pick up with an ambulance. As Alex helped load the unconsouse guy in to the pack of the ambulance one of them climbed in to the rental with a big comlink and then the van took off.
"I wiped the grid guide log on the van and set it to master so it will mess with Grid guides' backups, so we're clean" the dwarf explains as she climbes in to the driving seat. "how our guest?"
"sleeping like a baby, I'll not give him anything yet, I'll shoot him up later if he starts getting fruity"
"gram in time saves nine?"
"Na, we'll be sweet"
"ok" said the driver "I'm two-tone and her in back is Betty" Explained the driver "we'll just tool around for the now to kill time and shake and tails you might have.
Time was duly burnt and they made the meet. It was standard, the buyers medtec checked the package was alive and not brain dead, Fixer confirmed payment and they went their separate ways.
Alex was dropped at a transport hub so she had her choices of in's and out's. she hit bus taxi metro and hit a mall. Fixer was extatic, she had to remind him she was in public. she took four burner IDs from him (being tall costs) he took it out of her cut for the two extras. she made her excuses and when back to her hotel for sleep
"i want you to stay in olde town chummer"
"eh?" she was taken aback "why?" she had taken a private booth for breakfast,
"I think there is soemthing going on….er ah aaand i think we are on to it. I've been reading up"
"On what?" her voice full of guarded suspicion
 "look.. I'm gonna sound mad so just answer me this did that girl call that guy Chequetrace?"
"yes thats right, why"
"chequetrace was a greynet program used by private invesigators and accounants to trace the money transactions, it went off line just before our accoutant when rogue. its a coincidence but i'm finding others conicidences in the same ball park and other stuff too like Boston keeps cropping up alot, any how i think at the very least there will be some bizz in it. and i know you're an educated girl so use those smarts to look for weird personality behavours and crazies like you encoutered, I know your obsesion..sorry focus could you turn your eye to this?"
"ok heres the deal you get me a good safe house to run this from and I'll us my bots to search it but you process the results, remember they will produce a lot a false positives and i will charge my usual rates for running them down or getting eyes on."
"ok but it means you dont get a cut of the proceds"
"you were right the first time its an obsesion, not taking time away from it. I'm going to hunt down every one of those sick sons of bitches i can find."
"they really did a job on you didn't they?"
"I suppose but it not that. It's that I can't stand weaklings being enpowered like that. you only turn to it is your weak. and weak makes my claws itch, they're prey."
"sometimes you make my blood run cold girl, you really do" get it set up I'll send you the address and comms codes soon as I can. get some sleep, you never sleep"
"na I'm going to church, need to pray. anyway why you using me for this not some decker?"
"'cos you're educated and can run simple research systems like this. i dont need a decker with all their "I'm God" crap to run these programs. what i do need is a research brain and i'm pretty sure you have at least a college degree in there, this is a hunch but also if you are on site and already giving me the data breifing you and so on will be quicker."
"thats ok, Didn't want you thinking I'd ripped you off running of the shelf programs"
Fixer sent the ID's within minutes. Alex bought four commlinks with prepaid bundles attached much to the delight of four sales people. she asked fixer to send random amount to each account over the next 48 hours.
she called the priest and chatted/confessed her day. His concern was tempered by curiosity. she kept the story simple and missed out important details much to her surprise he said he had heard some things on the grapvine and would send her the details. as she walked to the hotel she realised he hoped she was getting back into research mode going back to the books but not.

Welcome to the neighbourhood

the appartment was odd and out off the way. the neighbours were nosey(friendly) and it did not appear on the Boston AR map. two huge bedrooms and a crammped living room kitchen bathroom, two exits and a front door stolen from a bank vault. The electric was flaky and LTG weak and there was mold on the windows. not bad for the (Fixers) money she set up her project in one room and the Fixers in the other room and used the rest as her space. she checked out the area (espcialy the area round the second exit from the appartment) nearest shop was a stuffer shack so not happening, bit further on she found a little shop run by two young dwarfs, hsuband she found knew all the gang gossip and the wife new all the local gossip so much shopping to be done there. Alex used the brought out the "fired looking for new job/best she could afford" story.



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